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October 09, 2014

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October 08, 2014


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Avo Signature Small Corona Comes to America

A diminutive addition to the Avo Signature line will be available in U.S. retail stores in April. The Avo Signature Small Corona is a size that had been available only in Europe since the summer of 2001. But late last year the petit corona was brought to the Davidoff shop in midtown Manhattan, and steady sales cemented its stateside stay.

Because the Avo Signature Small Corona measures a minute 4 1/2 inches by 43 ring gauge -- dimensions that appeal greatly to the cigar smokers of Europe - Davidoff had decided to make the size a European exclusive when the Avo Signature series was first launched in the summer of 2001. Four other sizes were, and still are, available in the U.S. - the Robusto cigars, Lonsdale cigars, Belicoso cigars and Double Corona cigars. Last November, however, a trip to the Davidoff warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut, proved auspicious for David Kitchens, manager of Davidoff's Madison Avenue shop.

As Kitchens wandered through the Davidoff warehouse, he came across the small smokes. Convinced that his customers would be interested in the Small Coronas, he brought them back to New York in time for the holidays. Based on the strong sales performance, Davidoff added the size to February's order list for Avo Signature cigars, reaching all nationwide Davidoff merchants (about 150) and all Avo Signature accounts (approximately 200).

Some retailer accounts already have the Small Corona on their shelves, but look for the cigar in greater availability in April, following the February shipments. Befitting of the cigar's size, Davidoff has not conjured up large advertisements, nor launched any gala parties to celebrate the Small Corona's U.S. arrival. The cuban cigars should blend in among its four bigger brothers on retail shelves.

Avo Signature cigars are the fullest-bodied smokes among the various Avo cigar lines. All have a tobacco blend featuring Dominican filler and binder and an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. All Avo Signature cigars are available in boxes of 10. A box of Small Coronas retails for $72.50, or $7.25 individually.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Source: USA Today

Avo Signature Small Corona Comes to America